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This whole thing has been shrouded in mystery by the whole family. I have considered contacting her for details.

Please help me get a sense of closure on this. I want to remember Penny like she should be. All I know about her is that she was found hanging in a tree by a paperboy on a cold and damp February afternoon.

I do not want to remember her like this, she deserves better. If you knew her or if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

I knew Penny from grade and middle school. I also lived only 1 block from where her body was found. I remember her vivedly. She had beautiful red hair, always cut short.

We had spent alot of time together playing as youngsters. I remember my parents not letting me go outside on my own after this happened. Very devastating.

I even remember where the guy lived that was convicted of her murder. And the paperboy was our paperboy.

She had an older brother, as I recall. How could he have found you? Why not just say you learned of this murder and would like to know more?

After I originally responded I got to thinking about that too. I know alot about the victim, but am totally hesitant now to talk about it.

At least not without some clarity. One would hope that you would know their names. If you are a distant, distant cousin, why rehash this now?

Is it that the family simply refuses to talk with you about it? It was a fairly newsworthy thing. Maybe you should be checking with them.

Not knowing this very basic information indicates that Pdxbear is very distant in degrees of relation if related to the victim at all.

Another thing that seems off with his post is that all he knows about the victim is the manner in which she died.

She had beautiful red hair that she kept short, and she enjoyed playing with other children. I will say this.. Shrimp—this all happened at the same time as the Ted murders, remember the panic at Madison?

I was on permanent restriction for the rest of that school year. We know that Pdxbear is far enough removed from the victim to even know basic facts about her.

I agree with JanS when she asks, if Pdxbear is that distant a cousin, why the rehash? Your post concludes with an appeal to Shrimp to provide an accurate portrait of the young victim.

A quick internet search gave me at least one plausible reason they may have. There are some families that believe very strongly in hiding the details of family tragedies… even from family members.

But sharing general information and pointing someone who is not familiar with local sources in the direction of publicly available information is certainly acceptable.

I was able to answer the OPs basic inquiry by accessing publicly available information myself.. I would imagine her immediate family would be pleased to know that she is remembered fondly as a person… and not just as a murder victim by those who knew her as a child.

It was a scary time. Madison was definately interesting then. Anybody know if James Ruzicka is still alive?

I also grew up in the Ted Bundy days and lived near and spent a lot of time at Lake Sammamish State Park — and remember my mom being terrifed to let me go there.

He doesnt give up…. Trust me, the families go through more than enough with the murder of a family member and and we do not need to help make it easier to locate the family.

And yes, PDX is Portland. I am the paperboy who found Penny Marie Haddenham hanging from that tree on that late afternoon in February I found Pdxbear on Facebook, he did not find me.

Haddenham is not that common a surname, so I asked him if he was related to her. James Ruzicka should be serving his sentence in Washington by now.

I know because my father and I testified at his trial. How long ago was the Serial Killer Central website updated? I have done everything to assure Pdxbear that his cousin was a very sweet and kind girl.

She used to stop and play with our poodles when they were out in the front yard. She only lived one block away from us.

As for family, my grandmother and my mother both disowned me for being Gay. I am really kind of ashamed of you people.

He asked about his cousin. I think 37 years after the fact that its okay to release that kind of information. Sounds like the best thing would be for pdxbear to post contact information set up a new free email account like gmail or yahoo, if necessary , so people can communicate privately and determine for themselves if this person is legitimate, or a prankster or predator.

Ashamed of what? First, I find it interesting that you and PDX join within 1 day. I may be jumping to all sorts of conclusions but I am taking a VERY conservative approach and will not waver on this one.

There are many resources this person can use to find out information. This blog isnt one of them. Emailing, Facebook, blogging — all are not even remotely safe when dealing with situations like this.

As a matter of fact, my friends husband who murdered her was able to DATE from prison. A prison dating site…. No joke…. I saw his profile myself and he sounded like a super charming guy!

Those of us who testified in my friends trial were given paperwork every time this murderer was transferred across the WA state prison system.

You may think PDX is fine and just searching, but again, these people are coniving, determined and manipulative and will go to EVERY length to get what they want.

The WSB forum is for the most part peopled by a caring and helpful group of people who generally give new posters the benefit of doubt.

The ability to connect through the internet is both a wonderful and frightening thing… it is wonderful that you can make connections that would have previously been impossible and frightening that sometimes people are not who they seem.

I have chosen to assume my internet connections with strangers are as genuine as my in person connections with strangers….

Otherwise, please give people the benefit of the doubt. I know almost nothing about this case.

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JiЕ™Г­ RЕЇЕѕiДЌka -

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